Time For ABC’S

Finally, (or maybe semi-finally), I have a new song to offer to folks.                 Time For ABC’s is the title.  I had the 3 basic chords running through my head for years, and decided to do something with them.  Needing lyrics I uncovered some that were left over from past projects and they seem to work, after tweaking some of them.  “ABC’s” refers to the time of day, around 5pm, when I try to have my habitual “Apple, Beer, & Chips.”  (Sometimes augmented with Tofu Pate’, Humus, or goat/soy cheese.)   

GREG HAFNER, of SOMETHING FOUL created a great Bass Guitar part, and did the final mixing.  This tune came harder than others and took some working to make it a song.  Hope you enjoy it!      

(*I just posted this on the: www.somethingfoul.com site.  For some reason I was able to post it as a WAV file.  On this site I had to do it as a dreaded MP3.) 


Time For ABC’s.Paul Woodsong

Paintings Created, Turned to the Wall.

Songs Inspired, Never Heard at All.

Pages Written, No Eyes will See.

Taste & Smell, a Commodity.

Too Much Pain, Too Much Misery.

Too Many People, Not in Harmony.

Too Much Confusion, Too Much Greed.

Too Much Techno-Crap, Too Many Need.


To Hear the Painting. To See the Music.

To Touch the Poems. And Taste Symphony’s.

To Write Perfumes. With Color Hearing.

On Soul Landscapes. Time for ABC’s.


When You’re Misplaced, Wrong Spot in this World.

When You’re Perplexed, Mind in a Whirl.

When Life is Wrong, & Don’t Seem Right.

When Fate is Now, Gone in the Night.

What to do, an All Day Quest.

Where to Live, Not be, just a Guest.

When, Life is Tragic, All Day Long.

Awaken Weak, Try to be Strong.


Can We Change, this Climate of Violence?

All through History, Peace is Silenced.

As Time Marches On, We follow Blindly.

Forgetting how, to just be Kindly.

Do We Ever Gain, What we have Lost?

So Much Wasted, at What the Cost?

To Make the Grade. No Easy Feat.

Have What it Takes, to Make Ends Meet.



Hello Dedicated Followers of my Website! I am Forever Humbled by Your Continued Visits, & Interest in my Musical Life.

I want to Remind Folks to Visit my Other Website-Musical Venture, that I Share & Co-Create, with Greg Hafner, called, “SOMETHING FOUL”.                www.somethingfoul.com 

Greg has been on a writing spree this year and we’ve Created some Truly significant songs that Everyone Should Check Out.

I will Continue, to Try, to Create more to add to the Paulie’ site,                In Due Time.

Again. Thanks for your Interest, & Being!


Lonesome For Your Mind

Here are 2 new songs for your listening pleasure.  The first song, “Lonesome For Your Mind”, I originally wrote in 1976, but never got around to recording until now.  This is just a demo version, (I wish some bonafide Country Artist would pick up on it, make it a hit, and give me some working capital!), but I digress.  I played all the instruments, with help from Greg Hafner, of Something Foul, who graciously added  bass, and did the final mixing.  I also created an Instrumental from a couple of chords from “Lonesome For Your Mind”, and call it “Lonesome For Your Mind-Reprise-(or-Slight Return”).  Greg Hafner added Bass to this tune also, & did the final mixing.  The 2 songs are back-to-back:

Lonesome For Your Mind-Paul Woodsong

A Score of Years, Has Come & Gone,

As Night Turns Into Day.

And I’m Still Searching For My Morning Sun.

Someone to Shine on Me, an Ever Burning Ray.

I was Wondering,Could You be the One.


My Life’s been full of Dreams

of that one Special Pearl.

A thing which seemed impossible to Find.

Could it be this Lonesome Old Boy,

Wasn’t meant to have the World.

Could it be, your Eyes for me are Blind?

How Can I Tell You, about this Heart of Mine?

And How it Aches for Your Company.

How Can I Say to You,

I’m Lonesome for Your Mind?

Won’t you Come and Spend some Time with Me.


The Ticking of the Clocks Reflect,

The Moments Left Behind.

They also Count the Times We Have Ahead.

Life is as We Make it,

Lets be Together,For this Time.

You will Awaken a Life which Once was Dead.

How Can I Tell You, about this Heart of Mine?

And How it Aches for Your Company.

How Can I Say to You,

I’m Lonesome for Your Mind?

Won’t you Come and Spend Your Life with Me.



Backyard Lonesome Bummertime’ Blues

This is the first, & only, Bonafide, Blues song I ever wrote, way back in 1976, in Springfield, Missouri.  I finally got around to recording it, and, here it is.  All instrumentation is by me, except for Bass Guitar, which was provided by the illustrious Greg Hafner, who also did the final mixing. 

Backyard Lonesome Bummertime BluesPaul Woodsong

You got to play like you never played,

To help you cope with a Bummer Day.

Do whatever you do, the Best.

Only time will tell, if you made the right guess.

When faced with an UnNatural, insulting blow,

to your Character,

The kind that’s so hard to leave behind.

I’ve met some low down ruthless people,

With a pain, that’s so hard to hide.

I cherish the beautiful caring people,

Not afraid to show, what’s really inside.

Both are the same, Society’s the blame,

For these old,

Backyard Lonesome Bummertime Blues.


Iwent to see about a job today. Redneck said,

I didn’t “look the way a man supposed to look”.

I went home to fix my bike,

I should have known,

I couldn’t fix it right.

I try with all my might.

What’s the use in trying to fight, these old,

Backyard Lonesome Bummertime Blues.


Tabor Morning

“Tabor Morning” is an instrumental written years ago.  This version is augmented with me playing a bit of keyboards, new guitar lead, etc….  Greg Hafner, from “Something Foul”, added a Bass part, and did the final mixing.

I’m not sure, but I think this might have been at the top of Mt. Tabor.  (Just kidding!)



Greg & I have 6 New Songs on the Something Foul website:
www.somethingfoul.com                                                                                         Two of the songs are on this website. 
The songs are: “Get Things Clean”, and a re-mix of “Age” with Greg on Bass.

Please go to the Something Foul website and check out the other 4 songs:
Building A Wall”, “Am I Wrong?”, & “Live Together”, 3 new songs by Greg.
I added guitars, Greg played basses/Vocals/drum beats & mixed. Really fine Music!
Plus, there is “Get Things Clean”, “Age”, and an acoustic version of my tune,
“Knee Deep In The Swamp of the Nebulous”, (entitled just, “Nebulous”).                                        ————————————————————————————————-


Get Things Clean

This Song is also on the www.somethingfoul.com website.  

I thought I’d put the tune on my website because I need a new tune,

& because in a wacky type of way, it gets the point across, of

Getting Things Clean, so They Can Get Dirty Again.

(An Arduous task that Consumes Our Lives on a Daily/hourly, Basis.)

I wrote the tune, played drum Machine, Applied the Guitars/Vocals.

Greg Hafner, (from Something Foul), Applied Bass, & Mixed the parts.

Get Things Clean-(Paul Woodsong)

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.

Everywhere In Life, Folks Dull the Pain.

Of Everyday, Mundane, Cleaning Again.

It Drain’s the Body, It Drain’s the Brain.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.

Everyone In Life, Experience the Strain.

Cleanse The Dirty, And Dirty Again.

Concern For Hygiene, The Human Trend.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.


Everywhere In Life, To Make The Grade,

Whatever It Takes, Just So We’re Paid.

A Washer, A Maid, The Cleaning Trade.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.

Everything In Life, Just Trying To Live.

Some Have Wants, More Than They Can Give.

Filter The Dirt, Down The Sieve.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.


Everywhere In Life, Things Come To An End.

Except the Dirt, You Can’t Pretend.

Scrub it with a wipe, So it will Blend.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.

Everywhere In Life, It’s a Race To Gain.

Hope’s Get Dashed, Flushed Down the Drain.

Washed Anew, With The Fallen Rain.

Get Things Clean, So They Get Dirty Again.



Ah, it’s the Age of a lot of Things.

These thoughts came to me on the subject.

The music and recording were done pretty much in one night.

Greg added a bass part and re-mixed the tune.


AGEPaul Woodsong

Age of Conflict. Age of Fear.

Age of Wonder, Why We are Here.

Age of Macho, Age of Hate.

Age of Just Let Me, Opiate.

Age of Reason. Age of Doubt.

Age of Treason. Throw the Bums Out.

Age of Lust, Age of Regret.

Age of Return, On a Faulted Bet.


Age of Trance, On a Screen Romance.

Age of Chance, Age of Sense Enhance.

Age of Endeavor, Age to Succeed.

Age of Never Ending, Human Greed.


Age of Confusion, Age of Wrong Facts.

Age of The Point, of No Turning Back.

Age of Violence, Age of Rage.

Age of Torment, Turn the Page.

Age of Lies, Age of Deceit.

Age of, “Do You Want A Receipt?”

Age of Distraction, “Alternative Facts.”

Age of Retraction, Age of Hacks.



Age of Wonder, Age of Wrong Thought.

Age of Plunder, It Comes to Naught.

Age of the Square Root of Minus One.

Age of the Black Boot, Age of the Gun.


It’s Already Been Said

It’s Already Been Said–Paul Woodsong

I just can’t Comment on Things These Days.

Things Change so Fast, I got Nothing to Say.

Nothing to Say cause the Thing I dread,

Is the Simple Fear, It’s Already Been Said.


No Matter what you say,…….It’s Already Been Said.

How You Say It,………………..It’s Already Been Said.

It Must Be Said,…………….For A Place in Your Head.

What You Say?………………..It’s Already Been Said!

…………….Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!


Already Been Said, by People Long Dead.

Many Things that should Shake Your Head.

But, Whoever Listens to What’s been Said?

It’s History Now, It’s Already Been Said.


(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat 2nd Verse)

(Repeat Chorus)


One And Only



This song was recorded initially while in the classic rock band, THE BATZ.  We recorded a Cd with 13 songs, 6 of which were original songs, the other 5 songs were classic rock songs.  I had 2 original songs on the CD, this is one of them.

(More on The Batz later)


One And OnlyPaul Woodsong

Think about the Good Feelings

And of the Good Times.

What’s Mine is Yours,

And Yours is Mine.

And How I love You, so Preciously

You Mean more to me, than the Sky and Sea.

So Hold me very closely.

I will be yours until Eternity.


Alone Together with You.

You’re so Special,

You’re what I chose to do with my Life.

I Want to, Always Spend it with You.

You are my Only One.

My One And Only is You.


Tell me now that we’re Bound Together.

Will you love me all the Time,

Always be mine, Forever?

Will you always be true?

Help me through my Blue Weather!

Live our Lives for the Future,

The Future couldn’t be Better!

Better Baby!

(Repeat Chorus)