A Place For Me

This Song was originally written in 1959 by my Mother, with a different musical score, composed on an organ.  In 1975 I took the lyrics and composed a completely different song, written on an acoustic guitar.  I finally recorded this version of the tune for my “Eye of the Pyramid” Cd which I did in 2006?  I re-mixed it, and that re-mix is what you hear.

A Place For Me-(Woodsong/Baker)

They Tell Me, I’m a New Born Babe.

They say the World Didn’t Stop, When I was Made.

They say There are Too many of Me.

But, I Ask you Now, How can that Be?

When the Heart of Time, Beats in my Heart.

And our Ancestor’ Blood, Is In My Veins.

I am Their Tomorrow, I am their Part.

Of the Whole Wide World, Their Only Gain.


Oh, There Must Be A Place For Me!

In This Wide World, Can’t You See!?

That I’m Alive, and I am Real.

I Can Think, and I Can Feel.


I’ve Got A Brain, I’ve Got a Heart.

From other Creature’s, I’m set Apart.

So, the Boy I am, will Become A Man.

And To the World, A Gift I’ll Give.

Of My Own Son, And He’ll Take My Place.

In the Human Race, and My Life Will Be Done.

(Repeat Chorus)

So, Don’t You See, That There Will Be?

In This Wide World, A Place For Me.

A New Born Babe, That Was Made.

In His Own Image, I Was Made.

(Repeat Chorus)


Hours In Our Life

This song is on the ‘Something Foul’ website.  The main ‘riff’ is from an instrumental that my band at the time used to jam on.  (Band’s name was “Helios”.  Out of Kansas City, Mo.  1972).  My writing partner, Greg Hafner, encouraged me to put words to the riff and make a real song out of it, so here “it” is.  I played the guitars, sang the vocals, Gregg added bass, & friend, Steve Michaelson, graciously added keyboards, drums, and did the final mix.

The Hours in our Life(Paul Woodsong-Woodner/Hafsong)

Dragon and Serpent, the Devil and Hell,

Objects of Blame, no one can Tell.

Encourage Delusions, Control the Flocks.

Hide behind doors, with unopened Locks.

Its all just Thought-forms, Inside our Head.

No matter the reason, which way we are Led.

We follow blindly, like lemmings to the sea.

Theres none so blind, as those that cannot see.

                     The Hours in our Life.

                    Like Centuries of Time.

                  The Twisting of the Knife.

                 To Squeeze a Simple Dime?

Beings in the Saddle, ride mankind.

Others make sure theyre wined and dined.

Most of us just trying, to get along.

Try to figure out, where we belong.

One thing is certain, theres no turning back.

Once its decided, to stage an attack.

The result will be, anyones guess.

A Wise Man, would stay out of the mess.


What are we doing to each other?

Why do we hurt our Earth Mother?

When was the death of Common Sense?

What makes a good President?

Still Waiting, Waiting to see. Just what the Future will be.

What has become of, those boys and girls?

They were enlightened, to save the world.

But, Wall Street, and Main Street, are two different things.

One wears Gold, the other, dimestore rings.

Still Waiting, Waiting to see. Just what the Future will be.

/:/Instrumental Ending———-Main Lick/:/


Knee Deep In The Swamp of the Nebulous

This song is also on the ‘Something Foul’ website.  The lyrics are gibberish.  The music inspiration is from a song from 1965 by Ronald Thielman, entitled: Chelsea Suite.  My High School Concert Band recorded the song in 1968.  (I played Coronet on the tune.)  I re-worked parts of it and came up with the music for this song.  The lyrics happened by chance.  I played/recorded all the instruments, did the final mix, etc…  Paul Woodsong.

Knee Deep in the swamp of the nebulous- (Paul Woodsong)

Mostly Cloudy, & patchy fog.

Chance of rain, all day long.

Into the night, it will be.

Mainly raining. Time for tea.


Time for whatever, life requires.

Try to fulfill, Our mind’s desire.

our body’s ocean, of human need.

A secret potion, say the creed:

Knee Deep, in the swamp, of the nebulous.

every step taken, will be dangerous.

Watch, as you gaze, upon the precipice.

life, is on the line”, make your exodus.

life is illusive, what’s to gain?

What is lost, causes pain.

What’s needed, try to find.

Escape from, A shattered mind.

way back where, we came from.

follow the path, of bread crumbs.


back home, the old humdrum.

repeat Chorus


Knee Deep, in the swamp of the nebulous




Eye of the Pyramid

Okay, this is a totally weird “song”.  Never modulates.  Inspired from various readings over time.  Some of the sources were:                                 A Faust Play by Goethe, entitled, “The Devil”.                                                   A book, “The Secret Doctrine”,  by Helena Blavatsky.                                Also, a book by Anthony Sutton, “America’s Secret Establishment, (The Order of Skull & Bones)

Eye of the Pyramid-Paul Woodsong

The Eye of the Pyramid, is What You Must Fear!

In All that is Close, In All that is Near.

What Remains Present, is What Remains Clear.

The Eye of the Pyramid is What You Must Fear!

A Symbol Hides A Secret. Which Veils Mysterious Forces.

The Energy Released, Can Have A Potent Effect.

The World You Think Exist, Does Not Exist.

It Is Completely Corrupt, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.

A Black Cauldron of Dirty Secrets.

The World is A Contest For Our Souls.

The Spirit of All Lies. Works of Dazzling Magic Blind You.

Then Absolutely Mine, I’ll Have and Bind You!




The Serpent Bites His Own Tail.


The Return of Unity. The Trinity of Unity.

The Eye of the Pyramid, Is What You Must Fear!

The Future’s Undone!

Don’t think we’ll ever See, Eye to Eye, with Anyone.

Because, the Past Proceeds.

The Past, Remains Present.

What Has Been, Decides on What Is.

Our Will to Live, is Prisoner.

Because We Have No Power, Over Time.

The Past Remains Present.

Life is a Tribute, to Death.

The Past, Continues, To Claim the Future.

All of us Live, the Universal Fate of Mankind.

The Past Defines, The Present.

Because, Man Hasn’t Mastered His Own History.

Because Man Hasn’t Mastered His Own History.




Let Us Be

Let Us Be, the 2nd song on my Eye of the Pyramid Recording, is another weird attempt to do something different.  I always wanted to add Tuba, and other horn parts, to give it a Circus music type of sound.

Let Us Be-Paul Woodsong

There’s a Shadow Hanging Over Our Humanity,

An Element Among Us, That Won’t Let Us Be.

A Brotherhood of Death, A Fraternity.

Welcome to the World Corporatocracy.

The Wind Cuts a Cold Knife’s Edge.

Imagine for Yourselves, Another Ice Age.

When we Look at all that we’ve done.

So much Pain, and Reckless Abandon.

Let the Truth be Known, the Facts Laid Bare.

The Liars and the Thieves, It’s a Nightmare!

Blood for Oil, Mother’s Despair.

While our Future, Hangs in the Air.

The Order, Bones, Charged Operation.

Controlling & Consuming Populations.

Managed Conflict, Synthesis of One.

A New World Order, Eye of the Sun.

The Institute of Revolution.

The People’s Way of Retribution.

For the Pain & Misery.

The Robbing of the Treasury.

Regardless of the Circumstance.

We’d Like to take the Last Dance.

Before the Last, Will be Past.

Before we know it, We Will Be the Last.

To be the Last, To be, Not to Be.

Such a Contrast, of the First Class.

We’re Outrageous, We’re Contagious.

The Leaders Lied, Look What They’ve Done!

Led us to War, with a Sovereign Nation.

Nobody Wins, It’s a Losing Situation.

Just for the Sake, of Their Bloody Salvation!

Creating Hate, Fear, & Social Regulation.

Changing the Face of the Human Equation.

Making it Hard, to have a Normal Relation.

Can’t We Find A Different Path?




This song was also written many years ago & part of the Eye of the Pyramid Cd.

MODERN ARMS-(Paul Woodsong)

Modern Arms, with Ancient Heads,

Fashioned Legs, Fighting Death.

Their War is Business. It Makes Them Money.

It’s what we’re Geared For, with Milk & Honey.


War isn’t War, it’s Extinction.

It’s the Illuminati, fighting Salvation.

It’s the One Percent, Playing with their Power.

Our Hopes & Dreams, Depend on their Desire.


Their Strength & Power, “Acts & Applies”,

The Forces of Energy, To Live & Die.

Why not, Unite! Build! & Create.

A Future Strong, Which We Can All Relate.


War isn’t War, it’s Extinction.

It’s the Corporatocracy’, fighting Salvation.

It’s the One Percent, Playing with their Power.

Our Hopes & Dreams, Depend on their Desire.



This song was also written many years ago & is on the Eye of the Pyramid Cd.

Lifetime Dream-Paul Woodsong

In these troubled Times, Having trouble, nursing my rhymes.

I’m getting tired of wasting, All my precious Time.

Thinking about the Future, And what’s installed for Me.

Am I to live my life, a struggle for sanity?

Is this my Lifetime Dream? My Dream Reality.


I Wish I could look at myself, Through someone else’s eyes.

I wish I could exist in this world, Free From Freedom’s Lies.

People expect so much, And get so little in Return.

The way some get treated, It Makes Me Really Burn, Burn.


Is this their Lifetime Dream? Their Dream Reality.


Unsatisfied at what’s Happening? Twist your Head the other way.

Leave it to someone else, And It’ll come back to you some day.

Sometimes we fall into a role, We’re not accustomed to other goals.

A Variation on A Theme, 

Of What You Thought, Was Your Lifetime Dream.



I wrote this years ago, when I recorded my “Eye of the Pyramid” Cd.             You can decide who the figure represents in this day & time.

MR.BIGHEAD-(Paul Woodsong)

Hey You! Mr. Bighead!

How’s Your Head Tonight?

Did You Get High, to Get By?

When will we see your Might?

Your World, is so Alien.

To Enter means no escape.

What does it Offer? What are You After?

Need we all be Crazy?







(Repeat Chorus)

Cheer Up, Mr. Bighead.

We may yet see this through.

A Drastic Change, to Re-Arrange,

Our Lives, so we can Serve You.

Your Jinx, is so Tragic,

Can’t see How We Survive.

We are fooled, By Your Magic.

We’re Lucky to Have Our Lives.

(Repeat Chorus)







You Tell Me

This extremely weird, buzz-kill of a song was created for my ‘Eye of the Pyramid” Cd.  Not a feel good song.  Perhaps not a song at all.  In any event it has an interesting chord structure, time signature, etc…  I recorded the tune on a 4-track cassette, played all the instruments.  Mastered on Pro-tools by a friend.

                             You Tell me- (Paul Woodsong)
Not enough Food, to Feed Civilization.
We must have ways, to Control Population.
Wars, Famine, Drought, and Disease.
The Leaders make Money,
They Do as They Please.
Ridding the Earth, of the “Useless Eaters”.
Whatever it Takes, Use the Latest Heaters.

What a Shame it is, That To Control Men,
It is Necessary, To Deceive Them.
Deceived into War. Deceived Into Hate.
Deceived of a Future. Death is Our Fate.
Learn what it Means To Be Our Enemy!
Feel the Power! The Illuminati!

Deception and Greed.
Control What We Need.
Devastation, Wherever You Go.
Guns and Oil, Bloods Will Boil.
Above, As It Is Below.

So, You Tell Me. What We Can Do,
To Stop this Thing From Happening.

And You Tell Me. What we can do,
To Stop this Thing From Happening.