One And Only



This song was recorded initially while in the classic rock band, THE BATZ.  We recorded a Cd with 13 songs, 6 of which were original songs, the other 5 songs were classic rock songs.  I had 2 original songs on the CD, this is one of them.

(More on The Batz later)


One And OnlyPaul Woodsong

Think about the Good Feelings

And of the Good Times.

What’s Mine is Yours,

And Yours is Mine.

And How I love You, so Preciously

You Mean more to me, than the Sky and Sea.

So Hold me very closely.

I will be yours until Eternity.


Alone Together with You.

You’re so Special,

You’re what I chose to do with my Life.

I Want to, Always Spend it with You.

You are my Only One.

My One And Only is You.


Tell me now that we’re Bound Together.

Will you love me all the Time,

Always be mine, Forever?

Will you always be true?

Help me through my Blue Weather!

Live our Lives for the Future,

The Future couldn’t be Better!

Better Baby!

(Repeat Chorus)


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