Backyard Lonesome Bummertime’ Blues

This is the first, & only, Bonafide, Blues song I ever wrote, way back in 1976, in Springfield, Missouri.  I finally got around to recording it, and, here it is.  All instrumentation is by me, except for Bass Guitar, which was provided by the illustrious Greg Hafner, who also did the final mixing. 

Backyard Lonesome Bummertime BluesPaul Woodsong

You got to play like you never played,

To help you cope with a Bummer Day.

Do whatever you do, the Best.

Only time will tell, if you made the right guess.

When faced with an UnNatural, insulting blow,

to your Character,

The kind that’s so hard to leave behind.

I’ve met some low down ruthless people,

With a pain, that’s so hard to hide.

I cherish the beautiful caring people,

Not afraid to show, what’s really inside.

Both are the same, Society’s the blame,

For these old,

Backyard Lonesome Bummertime Blues.


Iwent to see about a job today. Redneck said,

I didn’t “look the way a man supposed to look”.

I went home to fix my bike,

I should have known,

I couldn’t fix it right.

I try with all my might.

What’s the use in trying to fight, these old,

Backyard Lonesome Bummertime Blues.


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