A Place For Me

This Song was originally written in 1959 by my Mother, with a different musical score, composed on an organ.  In 1975 I took the lyrics and composed a completely different song, written on an acoustic guitar.  I finally recorded this version of the tune for my “Eye of the Pyramid” Cd which I did in 2006?  I re-mixed it, and that re-mix is what you hear.

A Place For Me-(Woodsong/Baker)

They Tell Me, I’m a New Born Babe.

They say the World Didn’t Stop, When I was Made.

They say There are Too many of Me.

But, I Ask you Now, How can that Be?

When the Heart of Time, Beats in my Heart.

And our Ancestor’ Blood, Is In My Veins.

I am Their Tomorrow, I am their Part.

Of the Whole Wide World, Their Only Gain.


Oh, There Must Be A Place For Me!

In This Wide World, Can’t You See!?

That I’m Alive, and I am Real.

I Can Think, and I Can Feel.


I’ve Got A Brain, I’ve Got a Heart.

From other Creature’s, I’m set Apart.

So, the Boy I am, will Become A Man.

And To the World, A Gift I’ll Give.

Of My Own Son, And He’ll Take My Place.

In the Human Race, and My Life Will Be Done.

(Repeat Chorus)

So, Don’t You See, That There Will Be?

In This Wide World, A Place For Me.

A New Born Babe, That Was Made.

In His Own Image, I Was Made.

(Repeat Chorus)


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