This song was also written many years ago & is on the Eye of the Pyramid Cd.

Lifetime Dream-Paul Woodsong

In these troubled Times, Having trouble, nursing my rhymes.

I’m getting tired of wasting, All my precious Time.

Thinking about the Future, And what’s installed for Me.

Am I to live my life, a struggle for sanity?

Is this my Lifetime Dream? My Dream Reality.


I Wish I could look at myself, Through someone else’s eyes.

I wish I could exist in this world, Free From Freedom’s Lies.

People expect so much, And get so little in Return.

The way some get treated, It Makes Me Really Burn, Burn.


Is this their Lifetime Dream? Their Dream Reality.


Unsatisfied at what’s Happening? Twist your Head the other way.

Leave it to someone else, And It’ll come back to you some day.

Sometimes we fall into a role, We’re not accustomed to other goals.

A Variation on A Theme, 

Of What You Thought, Was Your Lifetime Dream.


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